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February - 06, 2023

about The artist



Arpitha Parthasarathy, PhD is a trained artist, jewellery designer, hand embroidery, fabric painting, yoga teacher and a Biomedical Scientist

She has been making paintings for her passion since the age of 3 using various media. She was trained in water color and oil on canvas from India and learned the ancient form of traditional India art (Mysore art/Tranjore art). 

Arpitha, is a resident of Maryland and uses her extensive creative abilities and skills to continue her passion for Fine Art. She enjoys making her own scratchboard when time permits and loves the ampersand white and black board medium with either watercolor or clayboard inks. Her passion for nature and aesthetics and portraits has been of current interests through scratchboard. Her art was displayed at Zenith Gallery’s 20th year celebration in March 2015, Washington DC, Sonora Desert museum Tucson, Maryland Federation of Arts, etc

Her scratchboard art has extremely fine and minute details. Every animal/ bird/portrait has been scientifically studied before composing and rendering as an artwork. 

2014 - She is an active member of International Scratchboard Society and her art was juried to be considered as an Active ISSA member She has been elected as the Exhibition – Director for of International Scratchboard Society, 2015 and is looking forward to the exciting show in Maryland to popularize Scratchboard Art

2019 - She has been making resin art. Every piece is absolutely unique including her own techniques she has developed using sustainable environment friendly mica pigments and other elements.